$12.00 USD - $20.00 USD

Mending Kit for Knit Fabrics

Image of Mending Kit for Knit Fabrics

This kit contains most of the things you will need to mend knitted fabrics (matching sewing thread or cordonette and garments to mend are the only things missing!). This kit includes:
1 x Mending Knit Fabrics instruction booklet with hand-drawn illustrations
1 x Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop
1 x Binder Clip
1 x Elastic
1 x Wooden Egg
1 x Exclusive Make Do And Mend Drawstring Bag
1 x Thin Magnifying Card
1 x Slide Top Tin to hold little bits
1 x Sharp Milliner Needle in a paper case
1 x Medium Bent-tip Tapestry Needle
1 x Large Bent-tip Tapestry Needle
2 x Plastic Coilless Pins
2 x Metal Coilless Bulb Pins
2 x Bobbins of colorful machine washable wool/nylon blend yarns for visible mending

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Tutorial videos for the various mending techniques are available on my YouTube channel:
Duplicate Stitch Method: https://youtu.be/VCLD-QtKDEA
Weaving Method: https://youtu.be/OahH43S99UQ
Fixing A Hole In a T-Shirt: https://youtu.be/xM8GBIfDZcQ