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Study in Purple

Image of Study in Purple

This beautiful hardbound hand-stitched book holds 84 pages (42 leaves) of beautifully patterned rice paper. The rice paper is patterned on only one side and the back is nicely white (see a video flip through here - https://shop.miriamfelton.com/product/study-in-purple).

Great for tiny sketching or journaling, each book measures approximately 3.25" x 3.25" with pages approximately 3" x 3".

This book is bound using a coptic stitch in waxed 100% linen thread that allows the book to not only lay flat, but be bent completely back so that both covers lay next to each other, making it perfect for artistic uses and comfortable writing.

Endpapers and binding thread are coordinated to the integrated elastic closure that will keep your pages safe whether you keep your notebook on a table or in your bag, or carry it back and forth.