$25.00 USD

Watercolor Jotter

Image of Watercolor Jotter

Each of these handmade books features 48 pages (24 leaves) of 140 lb cold press textured paper making it perfect for sketching, art-journaling, or watercolor painting. These notebooks are made from the scrap pieces left over when I make larger watercolor books, making it a more sustainable option for your art.

Each pocket-sized book is bound in cloth for durability with coordinating end papers, and coptic bound so it lays flat when open making it easy to draw or paint inside whether you're right or left-handed. Each binding is done with 100% linen thread.

Jotter is sized 4.75" x 3.25" and the pages are approx 4.5" x 3". It is held closed with a removable matching elastic. Use the elastic to hold the book open while you work, or slip it onto your wrist so you don't misplace it.